Tulipe Studio grew out of my love for art and my desire to share the things I love to make with others. I've been doing various forms of art for a long time.  For the past few years, I've been showing my photography and digital art in galleries around New York every now and then, but I was frustrated by my inability to reach more people. So I started to explore printing on fabrics, and making usable products from my work. 

I did a lot of research, and started working with the best production teams I could find, who could help me realize my dream of creating clothes that were like art, but were comfortable and felt great to wear. My yoga leggings and skirts are all custom made from my art prints and photography and are handmade and sewn individually.  All of Tulipe's clothing is produced by a small business in Canada, through an eco-poly process that requires less energy and water than standard printing.  My pillows and canvas totes are all made in the USA by a company that was founded back in 1932. It's important to me to support businesses that treat their workers fairly, so all of my items are produced sweatshop free, and it shows in the quality.



 You can check out what my customer's in my Etsy shop have to say about Tulipe Studio's products here